3 Gadgets That Can Actually Help You Save Money

Americans have a tech obsession. As a nation, we spent an estimated $36 billion on gadgets last holiday season alone, according to the Consumer Technology Association. Consider all the extra gadgets we treat ourselves to throughout the year, and the numbers really start to add up. Tech costs us a lot of money, but it also has the potential to save us some serious coin, too. Check out the following gadgets that will actually save you money.

3 Gadgets That Can Actually Help You Save Money

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Surge Protectors

An electrical storm or other power spike can wreak havoc on your household gadgets. Many of us have felt the frustration of replacing fried gadgets that were perfectly good before the electrical event. A surge protector can cut this unnecessary spending by protecting your gadgets from power spikes. Keep in mind that the more joules the surge protector has, the better protection it provides, so the cheapest one may not be the best choice.

In addition, point-of-use surge protectors also stop your gadgets from draining power when they’re not in use. Known as vampire power, this standby power costs Americans more than $3 billion every year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Ductless Air Conditioners

A ductless air conditioner is a large household gadget, but also one that can deliver large savings. Since these HVAC systems have no ducting, you needn’t worry about the leaks or gaps in insulation that let energy escape. It’s also harder for dirt, mold, pollens, and other contaminants to get into a ductless air conditioner system. That means they’re less likely to need repairs, and your indoor air quality improves, so you won’t need to spend as much money on antihistamines and other drugs.

To really save, look for ductless air conditioning systems with multiple indoor units. These systems let you set different temperatures for different parts of your home, so you’re not spending money heating or cooling rooms that aren’t in use.

Bluapple Freshness Extenders

The average American wastes more than 20 pounds of food every month, according to the United Nations Environment Programme. All that food has made organic waste the second-highest component of landfills in the United States. Our landfills are the nation’s greatest producers of harmful methane gas emissions. Not only do our wasteful practices clog landfills, they take a toll on household budgets. One little gadget called the Bluapple Freshness Extender could be your secret weapon against creating too much food waste.

The Bluapple absorbs the ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables naturally emit. This gas speeds up ripening and makes the produce in your fridge spoil faster. By absorbing the gas, the makers of the Bluapple say their gadget extends the life of your fruit and vegetables by up to three times. When you waste less produce, you’ll naturally spend less money at the grocery store or farmer’s market.

If traditional budget-cutting measures haven’t worked for your household, why not look to these clever gadgets to slash your bills? Innovative gadgets like these could be the key to reducing your household spending.

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