OnePlus 7 Pro Users Report ‘Phantom Touch’ Display Issue, Fix Incoming

OnePlus 7 Pro users are reporting of a display problem that is plaguing many units. The news follows camera complaints that will be fixed by an upcoming update. Users affected by the touch issue are calling it the OnePlus 7 Pro Phantom Touch or Ghost Touch issue and the touchscreen is randomly processing non-existent taps. Separately, the OnePlus 7 Pro has now ran out of stock in China with the sale on May 21 exceeding CNY 1 billion ($144 million) in just one minute. OnePlus did not have enough stock prepared, and did not anticipate the phone to be this successful in the home market.Image result for OnePlus 7 Pro Users Report ‘Phantom Touch’ Display Issue, Fix Incoming

Talking about the issue at hand, several users have now taken to the forums to confirm that they are plagued with the Phantom Touch issue on their OnePlus 7 Pro. The issue is easily triggered by using the CPU-Z app, but Android Police reports that it was able to reproduce the error while working on Chrome and other apps as well. XDA Developer’s Marchena also published a video wherein the phone was randomly processing taps while using the Reddit app as well.

Judging by the thread comments on the forum, not all users are plagued by the issue. A bug reportsuggests that the company is aware of the issue and is looking to bring a fix soon.

Separately, the OnePlus 7 Pro has been reported to have done exceedingly well in the home market, with the first sale figures exceeding CNY 1 billion in one minute on, making it the best-selling product on the website. GizChina reports that OnePlus has now suffered from insufficient stocking in its home market due to less estimation of demand. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has urgently given orders to transfer phones sent overseas to the domestic market.

The report states that all the phones sold in China via May 23 sale will not be shipped until June 1. Lau said that efforts are being made to adjust production plans, redistribute the supply of various regions, and meet the needs of Chinese users at the fastest speed. Furthermore, OnePlus is sending an invitation code to users for now, and is promising shipments within 20 days.

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